One of the most common ways that members of our community help support the Five N Two Food Pantry in Cameron is through donations.  There are several ways you can donate to the pantry.

Use PayPal to Donate

If you would like to give monetary donations using a credit card, please feel free to click the PayPal button. It is located on every page. This is a secure way to support the pantry.  Simply check the box labeled “Make This Recurring (Monthly)” to become a monthly partner!

Be sure to include your mailing information so we can send you a contribution statement for tax purposes.

Check Donations to The Five N Two Food Pantry

We frequently receive donations from individuals who just want to help out.  Whether it’s food or money, these small donations add up to create a big impact when so many resources are pooled together.  If you have a donation you’d like to bring in, you can stop by during our regular hours.  If you would like to mail in a financial donation, please make your check payable to Five N Two Food Pantry and send it to:

Five N Two Food Pantry

PO Box 185

Olivia, NC 28368

All donations to the Five N Two Food Pantry are tax-deductible.  If you need a tax receipt, please let us know and we will be happy to provide you with one.

Host A Food Drive

If your group or organization is looking to make a larger donation, consider a food drive.  This can be as simple as placing a box for donations in a high-traffic area of your organization. You could also coordinate a larger drive in your area and seek donations from outside your group.  Check out our Food Drive page for more info and resources.