Are you interested in volunteering at the Five N Two Food pantry? If so, we have several ways you can help us. We are always in need of individuals that are passionate about serving the community and helping us feed our neighbors.

What Does A Typical Day Look Like?

About thirty minutes before opening, our volunteers set up for the day – stocking the shelves/fridges/freezers, pulling unusable produce, making sure everything is clean. Our delivery comes about 11:30 each morning and the real busy part of the day begins. Volunteers unload the van, sort the donations, and put the food out for the clients.

The remainder of the day is spent helping clients and stocking up as needed. At the end of the day, we clean up, shut down the pantry, and head home!

How Do I Start?

We have a short process in which you can become a volunteer. Please come by the pantry during our regularly scheduled business hours. While you are there, you can talk with one of the pantry managers and fill out a Volunteer Information Form.  It’s helpful if you download this form and read page 2 for important information such as dress code before coming.

Each week we put together a schedule of volunteers to cover the shifts that the store is open. According to your availability, we can add you to the schedule.

What Do You Need Volunteers to Do?

The pantry opens three days a week to distribute food to people in our area. During the hours of operation, we have several tasks that need to be accomplished.

  • Check-in Counter: There is always a need for one person at the front counter to greet families as they walk in the door. This individual will also be responsible for gathering the person’s information on an intake sheet. They will explain to the family how much food they can choose from each section.
  • Stock Food: Every day, we receive a great deal of food. We need volunteers to help stock shelves with what comes in. Also, we have to go through produce items and separate the fruits and vegetables that have spoiled for pick-up to a local pig farmer.
  • Check-out Station: The last stop for our clients is the check-out station where we make sure they’ve gotten everything they need, bag or box it up, and help them get it to their vehicle.
  • Upkeep: Throughout the day, we have to keep the pantry clean and sanitary.  In addition, we have to mow and rake outside during the appropriate seasons.

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What if I Can’t Work During Pantry Hours? How Can I Still Be Involved?

A lot of people that want to invest their time in the Five N Two Pantry in Cameron, but are not available during our hours of operation. Here are some of the other ways you can support the pantry even if you are unavailable to work during the hours of operation.

  • Raise Money/Food– The pantry survives off the donations of the surrounding community. You can organize a food drive or find other ways to raise funds to be given to the pantry.
  • Bring in Monetary/Food Donations– If you do not have the time to put together an event, you can give an individual donation of money or dry goods.

Can the Five N Two Food Pantry in Cameron Take Monetary Donations?

Yes, we accept monetary donations as well as food. Because we partner with Second Harvest Food Bank of South East North Carolina, your monetary donations go a long way towards fulfilling our mission. We purchase food at a fraction of the cost of what you can at the grocery store.

It is a true blessing to help people in our area. If you are looking for a way to be the hands and feet of Christ, this is the perfect way for you to be involved. You can invest your time, money, and prayers into the organization that feeds hungry families in our area.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.