Are you an individual or family in need of food in Harnett County? If so, the Five N Two Food pantry is able to assist you.

Check out our Hours & Location page for info.

How Do I Qualify For Food Assistance?

In order to qualify for assistance from the Five N Two, you must be a Harnett County resident. When you come to the pantry, you will be asked to fill out our New Household Form with all of your basic information such as: name, address, and family size to name a few.

Each time you come to the pantry, you need to bring a photo ID. Once a year, you will need to provide proof of address. Please download the New Household Form for more information on providing proof of address and proper photo ID.

We do not discriminate against anyone. If you feel that you are in need of assistance, we will help you. The most important part of the process is that you prove your residency in Harnett County.

How Often Can I Come For Food?

Due to the large volume of individuals we serve, we can allow each family to visit the pantry once a week. When you visit, you will be allowed to choose a certain amount of food from each section based off the size of your family.

Check out our Hours & Location page for info.

If you have any questions or would like to talk with someone, please feel free to contact us. We are ready to assist you any way we can.

How Does the Five N Two Food Pantry in Cameron Work?

One of our main visions when opening this pantry was to create a free-choice selection for those in need. Instead of being handed a bag of food, you are given the choice to select from what is on the shelves and in the refrigerators or freezers.

The staff will guide you in how much you can choose from each section of the store. This puts the choice in your hands and allows you to select what is best for your family’s needs. We are so excited to offer the free-choice option to the residents of our community.

We are a donation-based organization that collects food and monetary donations from the community. The Five N Two is stocked and run by a group of volunteers that are passionate about serving others. It is our desire to help those in need in our community.